Goku ultra instinct vs One Punch Man who would win

Goku VS Saitama (Whose More Powerful)

Saitama vs Goku

Goku Ultra instinct broke the internet when it came out but can it break one punch man most powerful hero saitama or saitama is still more powerful than even Goku Ultra instinct cannot stand a chance against him. First lets discuss their powers so in the end you can agree with me that who is more powerful.

Goku: The Saiyan Warrior

Goku was created by Akira toriyama and he made him the main character of dragon ball super anime. With so much battles against so many powerful enemies goku have gained a lot of transformations such as Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, and even Ultra Instinct, each exponentially augmenting his power.

Saitama vs Goku

Goku's training with his friends and specially after fighting with vegeta goku power level never stopped increasing and he have now gained a god level in his anime. He is constantly finding new opponents for getting stronger and stronger and have even fought against gods in dragon ball super like beerus or he have even fought against some one whose as powerful as a god of destruction here i am talking about Jiren. After fighting with Jiren, Goku have become as strong as a god but not stronger then beerus yet.

Saitama: The One-Punch Man

Saitama on the other hand is a completely different being who have not lost a single battle in his his and he was created by artist named ONE. Saitama Trained so hard to become powerful that he became bald and he gained an unlimited power by doing so. We still don't know what is the reason behind his strength but as he said he did a normal training but that training he thinks made him powerful enough to defeat any opponent in just one punch in every fight.

Saitama vs Goku

Against goku he cannot fly and he cannot do ki attacks on opponents but still can these things make him weaker than goku or not.

Saitama even does not have any kind of transformation like goku from dragon ball super can do.

Also Goku have trained with lots of gods like, piccolo or whis on the other hand saitama is his own master he does not have any one to tech him any kind of fight skills he even don't know any type of martial arts.

The Clash of Titans

If both goku and saitama clashed with each other its obvious that they are gonna destroy planets in their fights as saitama have unbreakable body and very very powerful punches that if he gets serious no body knows what will happen on the other hand goku can use ultra instinct that is evenly matched with gods in dragon ball super anime.

In a clash of these titans Goku will give hard time and i think everyone will start thinking that Goku have the upper hand but do he really have upper hand against saitama the one who have destroyed a lot of bigger monsters with just one punch.

On the other hand if we see saitama from on punch man he have not got a scratch against the god level Garou in manga and Garou was so powerful that a normal human cannot stand next to him but saitama defeated him with a single punch in the end. That proves that Saitama is really on a god level or even more powerful. 

The Winner of Goku VS Saitama

Saitama Or Who will win its pretty simple its Really Gonna be a one side battle and the winner will be Saitama From One Punch Man. I know a lot of dragon ball super fans are upset with the answer but the reason Goku will lose is because we have never seen Goku to deliver a powerful punch that can rival Saitama even without using ki attacks Saitama able to kill every monster without even breaking a sweat.

Saitama can even defeat Goku Kamehameha by simply using water, as he demonstrated during his fight with Orochi, demonstrating how powerful this Saitama guy truly is. However, Saitama did not stop there, as he demonstrated two more powerful moves during his fight with Garou, where he used his serious punches and the most fan favorite table flip.

The image below depicts Sakata blasting a beam of water toward Orochi.

Saitama vs Goku

Because Saitama's serious punch was so powerful, Blast had to send them to Jupiter; else, Saitama's serious punch would have destroyed the Earth with a single punch. That is how powerful Saitama is in comparison to Goku.

I have more to say, such as Saitama's table flip technique and his sneezing on Jupiter, where he is physically destroying Jupiter's planet, and so many fans were obvious that Dragon Ball Super had a competition that they could not win.

Last, Saitama has more powerful punches, unlimited strength, and so many techniques that are still not shown in anime but in manga, he is still holding back almost 90% of his fight against Garou because he promised the kid he would not kill him, and last saitama is a being in one punch man that even GOD is afraid of and cannot come to earth realm because he knows there is someone who can defeat him.

So Saitama is going to one punch Goku if he gets serious, and he might even kill Goku because there is such a huge power disparity. Even the gods in Dragon Ball Super cannot perform what Saitama is doing because his strength is unbreakable.

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