Most Hyped Anime that everyone is excited for today


Most Hyped anime of 2024

Here we have collected some anime news from anime studio's and we are excited to tell you the most hyped anime that everyone should watch whenever they launch it because they are the most hyped anime on todays date. Well there is not any age limit to watch anime so let get to the top 10 list below.

Here are some of the most highly anticipated anime releases that everyone is excited about:

10. Sakamoto Days (January 2025)

Most Hyped anime of 2024

"Sakamoto Days" begins 2025 in an action-packed way. The story is about this legendary assassin who has saved a thousand lives while still murdering people. He has abandoned the life of crime and he now runs a small, calm convenience store like an everyday individual. This past will never let him go easily and he goes back into that bloody routine of preserving his loved ones. “Sakamoto Days” will again be one helluva ride, mixing comedy with heart-wrenching action.

Release date of Sakamoto Days: In January 2025.

9. DANDADAN (October 2024)

Most Hyped anime of 2024

Buckle up when “DANDADAN” eventually comes on on a new adventure. Supernatural occurrences and high-octane adventures with a twist make this series the talk of town and everybody is talking about it. It is about a world of strange happenings that two young lads inadvertently find themselves in, from extraterrestrial beings to spirits. Through its gripping plot and offbeat characters, “DANDADAN”, will surprise people with its twists and turns.

Release date of DANDADAN: In October 2024.

8. Lord of the Rings (December 2024)

Most Hyped anime of 2024

We all know about lord of Rings movies but now its time for the anime content to be made for it and some believes that will be a very big step as it already have too many fans. it is getting anime adaptation You can expect to see your favourite characters and thei most iconic moments with almost stunning animations as now a days animations are big part of making a anime a good anime. Its exciting and more fans are waiting for it to make their way in the anime industry.

Release date of Lord of the Rings: In December 2024.

7. Elden Rin (To be announced)

Most Hyped anime of 2024

"Elden Ring": there's still no word on when it comes out, but everyone is excited This adaptation of the popular video game will take place in a massive fantasy world rife with complex lore and battles to match. As no doubt was fans excited to know more details other than having the opportunity of imbibing their love in anime form. If you have played elden ring you are also excited about its anime as they have a very good name in gaming industry and now they are coming in the anime industry as well to make the fans even more happier.

Release date of Elden Rin: To be announced.

6. Batman Ninja VS Yakuza (To be announced)

Most Hyped anime of 2024

Every one loves batman because of its voice and serious character development in dc universe but no one was expecting the "Batman Ninja VS Yakuza" anime it is another highly recommended release of anime they have even launched a trailer for fans and they all want to see batman in anime because he will look too cool. Once again we will see the real Dark knight not in cartoon but in anime i named it because for some time DC unable to provide us enough batman battle screen time. Believe me you will eager to see how Batman will navigate this new and dangerous landscape.

Release date of Batman Ninja VS Yakuza: To be announced.

5. Rick and Morty: The Anime

Most Hyped anime of 2024

If you know about "Rick and Morty" you will be on a new adventure as they will take you to a new adventure in anime form. They have not confirmed the release but they are definitely working on it and this is in our number 5 for a reason so don't forget to check it out when its comes. They are gonna give the fans a new storyline and they are working on it to make it work as a great anime adventure.

Release date of Rick and Morty: The Anime: To be announced.

4. Tomb Raider

Most Hyped anime of 2024

Everyone have played a Tomb Raider game for once in his life at least 90s kids have played it a lot of time but now they are bringing in the anime style and yeah fans are gonna get crazy with time because of the anime story, their drawing style and the iconic adventure of lara croft in the anime is too cool to be handled. They are gonna provide us this anime very soon in this year which is 2024 and for what we believe it will leave a very good mark on both gaming and anime communities.

Release date of Tomb Raider: In late 2024.

3. Devil May Cry

Most Hyped anime of 2024

"Devil May Cry" Rings a bell to everyone when they hear this name and now they are gonna hear it more because they have announced that they will be making anime on their Devil may Cry game imagine fans who have played Devil May Cry in games are now gonna get a anime and anime will make them more die hard fans. You will see dante and his demon slaying adventure in anime style and i think every good game should do this because they will get more fans and more fans means more money for them and more entertainment for us fans.

Release date of Devil May Cry: To be announced.

2. Berserk

Most Hyped anime of 2024

Have you ever tried "Berserk" anime where a character holds a very very big and thick sword to fight with god monsters and his past is way cool they have made many fans out of this anime. this anime is dark as hell and demons are every where around him because of his sword who have killed thousands of demons and they are also after him because "Berserk" hero "GUTS" have managed to stay alive while meeting the demon gods but his girlfriend "Casca" paid a very high price against his very good friend "Griffith" who literally raped her in front of him that's how much dark story they have made in this anime so they have announced that they are working on it and fans are eagerly waiting for the date of next season of this anime.

Release date of Berserk: To be announced.

1. The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep

Most Hyped anime of 2024

The Witcher 3 game have left a great mark on everyone hearts and now we are gonna see the witcher anime in our late 2024. They will give us a new stories and characters while maintaining the dark nature of the witcher 3 world. Fans are eagerly waiting for this anime as its game was a super hit in the market and anime will hit even better. Don't miss this anime if you love deep dark mature themes because it is what The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep is gonna be about.

Release date of The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep: In late 2024.


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