Can kakashi use chidori after losing sharingan

Kakashi's After Losing its Sharingan

Can kakashi use chidori

In the world of Naruto universe Kakashi hatake have attained many powerful jutsu and one of them was chidori and his most powerful jutsu that he ever created and he defeated a lot of enemies with that powerful jutsu but the question is can kakashi use chidori after losing the sharingan after he lost it against the battle with madara uchiha, Here i have made points that will display how powerful kakashi hatake is without his sharingan and how he can still use his chidori attack.

The Chidori Technique: Origins and Power

Can kakashi use chidori
Kakashi Hatake with sharingan

Everybody knows that chidori is a very powerful jutsu of kakashi hatake and he mastered it after attaining the sharingan from obito death and kakashi have used sharingan to its best. He also called chidori as raikiri as he changed the jutsu a little bit so he can preserve chakra and maintain a good balance and he called it a raikiri.

Kakashi's Sharingan Dependency

Can kakashi use chidori
Kakashi hatake fan art

With the help of sharingan kakashi can copy a lot of jutsu as he can predict jutsu's a lot better even before attaining the sharingan he was a master in almost all jutsu's like fire style, earth style, water style, lightening style and even wind style, He got famous because of his sharingan best usage and with the help of sharingan he did copied 1000 techniques which means he is master of  1000 plus jutsu's.

Chidori Without Sharingan: Myth or Reality?

Can kakashi use chidori
Kakashi hatake in long coat

To answer the question can Kakashi use the Chidori after when he lost his sharingan against Madara Uchiha? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. The sharingan really give kakashi the edge when using chidori as he can see objects more clearly when moving with high speed but he really does not need sharingan to use chidori as he showed us in boruto that he created another form of chidori the purple lightening which is more powerful and more control able without sharingan. 

Can kakashi use chidori

Adaptations and Innovations

Can kakashi use chidori

Kakashi's creativity and versatility have allowed him to alter his techniques to fit various circumstances. To make even deadlier variants, he has coupled the Chidori with other components like Lightning Release Armor and Wind Release. By making these adjustments, Kakashi not only makes up for his reliance on the Sharingan but also increases the Chidori's fighting effectiveness.


Yes, Kakashi can use chidori technique without using sharingan the only difference is he cannot move with the very high speed with it for that he made a another jutsu called purple lightening which made him use a technique more powerful and a lot similar to chidori. 

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