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Top 10 most Famous Anime character of 2023.

There are so many famous character when we see anime its full of enjoyment and full of amazing characters if it was possible i could have named all of them but here we want to talk about the top 10 most famous and most popular anime character of the year 2023.


She is my favourite character and she gained a lot of reputation after she did some naughty things with our chainsaw hero denji after that every body on internet wanted to see Makima in action and she became one of the most famous anime characters.

famous anime characters 2023
Makima the Famous Anime Characters of 2023

We still have not saw Makima in full action but in the last fight in anime she survived even after dying which i think helped her become 2023 more popular anime character.

9.Monkey d luffy

After his 5th gate Luffy fans was super Eager to watch his new powers he was still too much popular but after that he got a lot of fame and became more and more popular and now he is in our list of popular anime characters 2023.

Famous Anime Characters of 2023
Luffy the Famous Anime Characters of 2023

Luffy is from one piece anime and he is still growing and making new records in anime history.

8.Levi Ackerman

Everyone know about this man because of his fighting speed and skills he killed a hundreds of giant titans alone and after what fans saw he did to the beast titan his reputation sky rocket and he became popular enough but later with his tragedy against beast titan suicide he is now half on his strength but fans still waiting for his final action which builds hype for him and keeping him on top most popular anime characters even in year 2023.

Famous Anime Characters of 2023
Levi the Famous Anime Characters of 2023

It would have been a dishonored if we have not put levi ackerman in our top most popular anime character 2023 list so we cannot ignore this beautiful and powerful anime character.

7.Kurosaki Ichigo

One of the og anime who builds and breaks records when there are only few anime's and it was hard to even make a stand out at that point but we are talking about 2023, Bleach came back in 2023 and it was a blast in the internet and again they made their way to one of the most popular anime show and Ichigo is so strong right now that fans became eager to see his more power as in manga most fans knows about his powers and now bleach is back they want to see it in action which is making him the choice for popular anime characters 2023.

Famous Anime Characters of 2023
Ichigo the Famous Anime Characters of 2023

Bankai became famous because of ichigo kurosaki as when he used bankai first time anime fans became uploading this every where in internet which made him more famous with time and time and now with his come back he is even more famous in 2023.


Guts is from a very famous anime Berserker they have their own popularity. Before 2023 they have shown us a new story for Guts but a lot of people did not know about his back story because they have not saw the previous anime. So, in 2023 they made episodes for guts background story which is one of the darkest story in anime history that fan loved and his popularity became so high that now he is famous anime character.

2023 Popular Anime Characters
Guts 2023 Popular Anime Characters

Guts is a big guy who in the next fight will use a armor called berserker armor and most of the anime fans thinks that when he gets common with that suit he will gain more popularity.


First of all she is really cute and you just cannot unsee her everybody who still does not know about her still have seen her picture's a lot of time and they already know she is some popular character and some fans did searched about her and watched her anime series which is called Re.Zero which is one of the popular anime and Rem came from that anime with her cute anime character she became famous anime character of 2023.

2023 Popular Anime Characters
Rem 2023 Popular Anime Characters

Rem is so cute that even the hero of this show have proposed to her just because he came to know that she is in love with him that's how she became so much popular and still she is one of the 2023 popular anime characters.


How can we not include Nezuko in our list she is the only female who became so much popular not just because of the demon slayer show but also because she is cute and powerful which makes her more famous character and more eligible to come into the list of top 10 most popular anime characters of 2023.

Popular Anime Characters of 2023
Nezuko the Popular Anime Characters of 2023

Nezuko brother tanjirou is the hero of the show but still nezuko is more popular because everybody loved how she is animated in demon slayer and how her character is developed that making her popular anime characters of 2023.

3. Sakuna

Yeah you saw the right name Sakuna is not just one of the most famous anime characters he is on second position of our list of Top 10 most popular anime characters of 2023.

Popular Anime Characters of 2023
Sakuna the Popular Anime Characters of 2023

His fight with Gojo is gonna be so frightening that most of the people think that he will win and that's a shock for Gojo fans as he might be more powerful than him.

2.Gojo Satoru

Jujutsu Kaisen became popular because of this character only i don't think any character became famous like Gojo Satoru became in no time he became famous when the show came up and now in 2023 he got more boost when the jujutsu kaisen creators showed more of his back story that made a blast on internet and made him famous anime characters for not just 2023 i think he will be on 2024 list also because he is just too popular.

Popular Anime Characters of 2023
Gojo the Popular Anime Characters of 2023

The story does not end here he is Famous enough that when he was fighting against Sakuna people around the internet became so crazy just because Gojo is gonna show his full power which is another reason he is on top 3rd position of famous anime characters of 2023. 


Yeah! You heard and saw it right Goku our hero from dragon ball super is on top of everybody and he is popular even in 2023 list of most popular anime characters. He is the most famous person in anime history everybody in earth planet knows about him even the parents are talking about him when they saw him on a tv or internet.

Popular Anime Characters of 2023
Goku the Popular Anime Characters of 2023

Goku is so popular that when they announced the Dragon ball super tournament of power Goku VS Jiren fight broke the whole internet that no anime have ever done in the history and i don't think any anime can do it without Goku if he is not on the top 10 most popular anime characters of 2023 then this position must be empty.

Last Thoughts about Most Famous Anime Characters 2023

All anime characters are famous for their fans and i respect them and they should agree with this famous anime character of 2023 list because i have tried to told the most important points about their popularity.


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