Top 22 most handsome or Hottest Anime Characters of All Time

Beauty is in the eye of a person but we are not talking about reality we are talking about our famous anime characters like kakashi, naruto, Or some villains like Itachi uchiha or light Yagami we are talking about all time most handsome anime characters of all time till 2023.

So here lets discuss all about who is more handsome or who is the hottest of them all, also most of them are form very famous anime so don't think i have not added handsome dudes from non most popular anime.

Anime Hottest and Handsome Characters:

Here we are displaying our top 22 most handsome anime characters of all time until 2023,

22. Aki Hayakawa (Chainsaw Man)

top hottest anime characters

In "Chainsaw Man," Aki Hayakawa is one of the top handsome anime characters and a significant character. He is a dedicated Devil Hunter with a strong sense of purpose who is motivated by his desire to get revenge on the Gun Devil. Aki is an intriguing and crucial character in the entire series due to his unwavering dedication and nuanced emotions. Additionally, Aki Hayakawa is considered one of the top hottest anime characters.

21. L (Death Note)

top hottest anime characters

L is not only a very smart and eccentric detective in "Death Note" but also one of the top handsome anime characters. His unusual tactics and distinctive demeanor, such as sitting in a crouch, are what distinguish him from the other men in his unrelenting search for Kira, the elusive serial murderer. L's enigmatic demeanor and arguments with Kira over ideas are crucial to the mystery and tension of the story. Moreover, L is considered one of the top hottest anime characters.

20. Toji Fushiguro (Jujutsu Kaisen)

top hottest anime characters

Toji Fushiguro, a top handsome anime character, is a powerful sorcerer in "Jujutsu Kaisen" renowned for his masterful fighting abilities. He is a fascinating figure in the series since he is a multifaceted character with a mercenary inclination and a great desire to protect his family. Additionally, Toji Fushiguro is considered one of the top hottest anime characters.

19. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)

top hottest anime characters

Killua Zoldyck is not only a highly skilled young assassin in "Hunter x Hunter" but also one of the top handsome anime characters. Hailing from the formidable Zoldyck family, he joins Gon and others on a journey to become a Hunter. Killua's character undergoes significant development as he transforms from a cold-hearted assassin into a compassionate and loyal friend, all while showcasing incredible combat abilities. Additionally, Killua Zoldyck is considered one of the top hottest anime characters.

18. Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

top hottest anime characters

One of the main characters in "Attack on Titan" is Eren Jaeger, who is not only a central figure but also one of the top handsome anime characters. He begins as an idealistic young man but develops into a fierce warrior fighting the Titans, going through major character growth and playing a crucial part in the compelling plot of the series. Additionally, Eren Jaeger is considered one of the top hottest anime characters.

17. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

top hottest anime characters

Itachi Uchiha in "Naruto" is a top handsome and hottest anime character. Initially seen as evil due to his clan's massacre, his complex past and sacrifices for his brother Sasuke reveal his depth. With extraordinary ninja skills, including the Sharingan, he's an alluring and mysterious figure in the series.

16. Tengen Uzui (Demon Slayer)

top hottest anime characters

Tengen Uzui, a top handsome and hottest anime character, appears in "Demon Slayer" as a member of the Sound Hashira. Known for his dazzling appearance, numerous marriages, flamboyant nature, and special sound manipulation combat skills, he adds a dash of fun and flamboyance to the group. Tengen is dedicated to eradicating demons alongside the other Hashira, making him a distinctive and entertaining character in the series.

15. Giyu Tomioka (Demon Slayer)

top hottest anime characters

Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira in "Demon Slayer," is not only known for his exceptional combat skills but is also considered one of the top handsome anime characters. His stoic demeanor, mastery of Water Breathing techniques, and unwavering dedication to his duty make him a formidable and respected member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Giyu significantly contributes to the battle against demons, adding depth to his character.

14. Denji (Chainsaw Man)

top hottest anime characters

Denji, the top handsome and hottest anime character in "Chainsaw Man," starts as a struggling demon hunter but gains chainsaw abilities. His tenacity, wit, and inner conflict between human and devil sides make him a central figure in the war against devils, adding depth to the series.

13. Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

top hottest anime characters

Sukuna, or Ryomen Sukuna in "Jujutsu Kaisen," is a formidable and top handsome anime character. As a ferocious Cursed Spirit, his power and influence come from his cursed fingers, each containing a piece of his strength. Sukuna serves as the series' main antagonist, adding depth and tension by altering the balance between jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits.

12. Ban (The Seven Deadly Sins)

top handsome anime characters

Ban, a top handsome and hottest anime character in "The Seven Deadly Sins," is not only immortal but also a master thief. His easygoing appearance conceals a complex, emotional background, and his unwavering dedication, especially to Elaine, adds depth to his character as he embarks on adventures with the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban's longevity and combat prowess make him a vital and beloved member of the squad, enhancing the appeal of the series.

11. Levi (Attack on Titan)

top handsome anime characters

Levi, a top handsome and hottest anime character in "Attack on Titan," is the elite Survey Corps captain known for unrivaled combat skills. His austere demeanor, combined with remarkable mobility, adds depth to his character. Levi plays a crucial role in humanity's fight against the Titans, making him a fan favorite.

10. Takashi Komuro (Highschool of the Dead)

top handsome anime characters

Takashi Komuro, a top handsome and hottest anime character in "Highschool of the Dead," starts as an ordinary high school student but becomes a leader during a zombie apocalypse. His courage, inventiveness, and determination to protect his companions make him stand out. Throughout the series, Takashi evolves into a pivotal protagonist in the fight for survival, showcasing impressive combat skills and resilience.

9. Gray (Fairy Tail)

top handsome anime characters

In "Fairy Tail," Gray is a skilled wizard and one of the most handsome and hottest dude who specializes in Ice-Make magic. His placid personality frequently contrasts with those of his guildmates. Gray's character development is formed by his terrible history and desire of justice, making him an essential and beloved guild member.

8. Sasuke (Naruto)

top handsome anime characters

Sasuke is an important handsome and hottest character in "Naruto." His yearning for vengeance against his brother Itachi, as well as his strong rivalry with Naruto, drive the development of his character. His decisions have a significant impact on the series' outcome, making him a central and complicated protagonist.

7. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

top handsome anime characters

We have another most handsome Ken Kaneki is the central character in "Tokyo Ghoul." He transforms from a shy college student into a half-ghoul, grappling with his new identity and the moral complexities it brings. His character journey makes him an iconic protagonist in the series, exploring themes of identity and morality in a dark fantasy setting.

6. Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)

top handsome anime characters

Katsuki Bakugou from "My Hero Academia" is a motivated young hero with powerful quirk talents who is one of the most handsome and hottest character in anime. His passionate rivalry with Izuku Midoriya, as well as his goal to become the best hero, drive his character's development, making him a fan favorite and an essential part of the series.

5. Haruka Nanase (Free!)

top handsome anime characters

In "Free!" Haruka Nanase is a highly talented swimmer which makes him even more worthy to be in the list of handsome anime characters recognized for his affection for water and serene temperament. His love of swimming and close friendships drive the growth of his character, creating "Free!" a gripping sports anime centered on competitive swimming.

4. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

top handsome anime characters

Satoru Gojo is not just a skilled jujutsu sorcerer in "Jujutsu Kaisen" noted for his outstanding powers and self-assurance he is also one of the most handsome and hottest dude out there in anime universe. His unconventional teaching methods and tremendous combat abilities make him a series fan favorite and crucial character.

3. Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

top handsome anime characters

One the most most handsome and hottest dude is Minato Namikaze, widely known as the Fourth Hokage, is a beloved character in the anime series "Naruto." He is renowned for his lightning-fast speed and mastery of the Flying Thunder God Technique. Minato's personality is defined by his wisdom, leadership, and deep love for his family and village. His sad sacrifice during the Nine-Tails attack has left a lasting impression on the Narutoverse, making him a renowned and respected person.

2. Light Yagami (Death Note)

top handsome anime characters

Light Yagami is one of the most hottest and handsome dude also he is the protagonist of "Death Note." He is a highly brilliant and ethically complicated character who gets and employs a Death Note to eliminate criminals. His pursuit of a utopian world by dubious methods, as well as his passionate cat-and-mouse game with investigator L, define his character. Light is a thought-provoking protagonist in the history of anime and manga.

1. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

top handsome anime characters

On top of our list of most handsome and hottest and most stunning character is Kakashi Hatake. He is a popular character in the anime series "Naruto." He is well-known for his mastery in ninja tactics, particularly the Sharingan, as well as his cool and enigmatic manner. His role as a mentor to Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, as well as his complicated background and personal challenges, define Kakashi's character. Kakashi's role, as a former ANBU and the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, adds depth and wisdom to the series, making him a legendary and respected figure in the Narutoverse.


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