What is the reason of swords colors in demon slayer

Confused what demon slayer blade colors represent and why there are so many colors.

demon slayer blade colors

Demon Slayer, also known as "Kimetsu no Yaiba" in Japanese, is a captivating anime and manga series created by Koyoharu Gotouge.It is set in a fictionalised version of Taisho-era Japan and chronicles the terrible journey of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy whose life is turned upside down when his family is brutally attacked and slain by demons. Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps, a group dedicated to eradicating demons and defending humans, determined to exact revenge and prevent others from suffering the same fate.

The unique "Breathing Styles" combat system in Demon Slayer is what distinguishes the game. Demon slayers use a variety of Breathing Styles, which include particular breathing methods and fighting forms, to improve their physical strength and battle effectiveness when battling demons.

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What is Nichirin Blade?

First before i tell you about all blades you need to understand what is Nichirin Blade if you are watching demon slayer right now you will know that he was able to use a red sword in upper demon with the help of nezuko so people are getting curious what red blade means and are there any more colors of blades.

The swords that members of the Demon Slayer Corps use to defeat demons are made from specially manufactured steel known as Nichirin blades. The Demon Slayer manga claims that the scarlet red iron sand and scarlet crimson ore, which are both mined from mountains, are used to make the swords.

But not just any mountains can provide these resources. The mountains that provide the vivid crimson resources tower above the skies, soaking up all-year-round sunlight while being protected from rain and impediments. The single force capable of defeating demons—the essence of the sun—has been absorbed by the material from which the swords are made. The Nichirin blades' capacity to change colours after being selected by its users is another significant feature. Each colour represents a different element or source of inspiration, reflecting the character traits, abilities, and combat style of the corresponding demon slayer.

Nichirin Blade

So Which Blade is strongest in terms of color?

You will be surprised to know that red is considered the most powerful color for some reason but the strength of demon slayer does not count on colors here i have made some points for it,

  • There is no definitive "strongest" blade color in Demon Slayer.
  • The strength of a demon slayer depends on their skills, training, and determination rather than the color of their blade.
  • Each blade color represents different elements, personalities, and powers associated with the wielders.
  • Some blade colors have unique abilities or characteristics that can be advantageous in specific situations.
  • The power of a demon slayer is not solely determined by the color of their blade. 

Here Are some Nichirin Blades info if you want to see what holds what kind of powers

Black Nichirin Blade

The black blade that Kanjiro wields in the Demon Slayer realm is shrouded in mystery. The black blade signifies the Sun and carries a legacy of prejudice and misunderstandings because its past owners were shorter-lived. The story' protagonist Tanjiro appeared destined to buck the pattern and reimagine the legend of the black Nichirin blades.

Tanjiro may be prepared to master the Breathing technique—a specific ability that enables demon slayers to pour their internal power into the sword—and navigate among various blade colours because black is commonly thought of as the absorption of all colours.

Nichirin Blade

Red Nichirin Blade

Red indicates intensity, and the red Nichirin blade is a representation of Flame. The eccentric and colourful Kyojuro Rengoku is holding this sword. His usage of fire breathing results in magnificent visuals like the well-known Dance of the Fire God, which has come to represent the anime as a whole.

Red Nichirin Blade

Indigo-Gray Nichirin Blade

The indigo-gray blade is the image of beasts. Its wielder, Inosuke Hashibira, hides his face with a massive hog head. Inosuke holds two swords in his hands, each with a jagged edge that mimics the teeth of a carnivore. With these blades, he not only exterminates demons but also makes a mess.

Gray Nichirin Blade

Gyomei Himejima uses the grey Nichirin blade, defying convention by using an axe that is chained to a stick rather than a traditional sword. The gloomy blade, which represents the Stone, contrasts with Gyomei's gracious and collected demeanour. Despite his friendly demeanour, he is one of the most effective demon slayers.

Yellow Nichirin Blade

Zenitsu Agatsuma, a shy boy with hidden talent, wields the yellow blades, which draw strength from Thunder. In spite of his fear, Zenitsu shows his actual strength when faced with great desperation, releasing a quick-witted and incisive personality that wreaks devastation with his sword.

Blue Nichirin Blade

Water is symbolised by Giyu Tomioka, the owner of the blue sword. He is a fearsome and nimble opponent, displaying exceptional ability and precision in his fluid sword swings. Giyu's water breathing method mimics the tranquilly and lethal nature of the ocean and can unleash devastating attacks in certain situations.

Amber Nichirin Blade

Tengen Uzui wields the amber blade, which is Sound. Sound Breathing uses noise to confuse opponents and calls for exceptionally good hearing. Tengen also uses a set of kusarigama, a hand weapon that resembles a cleaver, together with his amber Nichirin blade to demonstrate his proficiency with several different weapons.

Green Nichirin Blade

The wind is symbolised by the green sword, which influences many other techniques. With his perverted attitude, Sanemi Shinazugawa wields this weapon. When they came into contact, Tanjiro faced a tremendous struggle due to his unpredictable character and hazardous personality.

Pink Nichirin Blade

The pink blade, in contrast to the other blade colours, symbolises Love, which might appear ethereal. However, Mitsuri Kanroji, the bearer of the pink Nichirin blade, invented the unique Love Breathing technique. She alone wields her thin, whip-like sword, which was fashioned after Kyojuro Rengoku's Flame Breathing.

Pink Nichirin Blade

White Nichirin Blade

The white blade is a representation of Mist and Muichiro Tokito. Muichiro exemplifies the calm and detached personality that is frequently associated with mist breathing. He uses Wind Breathing techniques and never allows his emotions to influence his decisions.

Lavender Nichirin Blade

The lavender blade is a representation of the Serpent due to Obanai Iguro's sword's body shape, which is shaped like a snake. Water breathing is the ancestor of the Serpent Breathing technique, which replicates the swift and precise movements of its namesake.

Light Pink Nichirin Blade

The vivid pink Nichirin blade, which is derived from water breathing, represents the flower. Sister demon slayers Kanao Tsuyuri and Kanae Kochou employ this typical Breathing technique while deftly and gracefully swinging their swords.

Purple Nichirin Blade

When compared to Tanjiro's sword, the purple blade stands for the Moon. This blade is in the hands of Kokushibo, one of the show's key foes. The Moon Breathing technique, an improved variant of the Sun Breathing, uses mysterious methods to increase its strength.

Each shade of a Nichirin blade carries certain symbolism and characteristics that reveal the wielder's personality and their love for a specific object or idea. These swords are significant in the Demon Slayer universe because they represent the demon slayers' unwavering resolve and dedication to protecting humanity from the grasp of evil.

As demonstrated in the Demon Slayer trilogy, the significance of these extraordinary blades and the numerous persons wielding them add complexity and mystery to a story that is already compelling. The vibrant colours and distinctive qualities of the Nichirin swords, which serve as a constant reminder of the unending struggle between light and darkness in this fantastic anime and manga success, make them instantly recognised symbols of the Demon Slayer Corps.

what do the color of swords mean

Here i want to Mention some really awesome key points of demon slayer blades to make your mind clear

Certainly! Here are some additional key points about Demon Slayer blades:

  • The blades used by demon slayers are called Nichirin Blades, specially made for the purpose of killing demons.

  • Nichirin Blades are made from scarlet crimson iron sand and scarlet crimson ore collected from mountains that are bathed in sunlight all year long.

  • A Nichirin Blade changes colour when a demon slayer picks it up for the first time, signifying their unique element, inspiration, personality, and type of strength.

  • Each colour on the blades has a unique meaning, and they each stand for various ideas or aspects. For instance, the colours black stands for the Sun, grey for Stone, indigo-gray for Beasts, and red for Flame.

  • Each blade colour is frequently linked to particular breathing patterns and fighting philosophies that the demon slayer can master.

  • Some blade-wielding demon-slayers combine various tactics and methods while wielding numerous swords at once.

  • In Demon Slayer, the wielders of the Nichirin Blades each have unique personalities, goals, and backstories that have an impact on their fighting techniques and strategy.

These are a few of the essential characteristics of Demon Slayer blades. As the plot develops, the series goes into more depth about the significance and powers connected to each blade colour.


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