Pakistan banned Youtube Again after 11 years



Where the whole world is populating pakistan going back 11 years and banned youtube, facebook and twitter because of PTI chariman imran khan arrest by police and by army.

Due to the growing amount of blasphemous content on the platform, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered the appropriate operators to shut down the website Despite making an effort to voice opposition to the offensive content via the normal Facebook and YouTube channels and banning more than 450 links that contained it, the PTA ultimately opted to shut down these websites in Pakistan. This choice was decided in conformity with the Pakistani Constitution, popular sentiment, judicial rulings, and administrative directives. The PTA has made a phone line and a complaint number available to take complaints on the problem. 

pakistan banned youtube

The WSIS Resolutions and their own public policies have been violated by the administrators of Facebook and YouTube. The PTA requests a speedy settlement of the problem that ensures religious peace and respect from the concerned Facebook and YouTube authorities.


pakistan banned youtube

A History Of previously banned Youtube:

The Pakistani government has increased its controls on online content in recent years. The prohibition of YouTube in Pakistan is among the most noteworthy instances of this. This ban has been in place since September 2012 and continues to do so. This article will examine the causes of Pakistan's YouTube ban and how it has affected the nation's online community.


The existence of blasphemous content on the internet is the main cause of YouTube's prohibition in Pakistan. A 2012 YouTube upload with the title "Innocence of Muslims" incited fury among Muslim communities all across the world. The video's disparaging portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad sparked unrest and violence in a number of nations, including Pakistan. To stop the video from being shared, the Pakistani government issued an order to internet service providers to limit access to YouTube.


The YouTube restriction has persisted even after the US government's legal action caused the "Innocence of Muslims" video to be taken down from the site. The Pakistani government claims that YouTube has fallen short in its efforts to properly monitor its content and stop the dissemination of blasphemous material. The online community in Pakistan has been frustrated and incensed as a result, believing that their freedom of expression and access to information has been unfairly curtailed.


The online community in Pakistan has been significantly impacted by the YouTube ban. Since YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms for sharing and accessing video material, its absence has left a gap that other platforms haven't yet been able to completely replace. Given that YouTube is a crucial medium for growing a following and generating revenue from content, this has made it challenging for Pakistani content creators and businesses to reach a global audience.

Moreover, Pakistan's economy has suffered as a result of the YouTube ban. The platform's absence has made it challenging for organisations to enter the internet advertising market, which is a crucial source of income for many businesses. Due to this, Pakistan's economy is struggling to stay up with that of other nations in the region that do not have the same limitations on online content.

In conclusion, the YouTube ban in Pakistan has been in place for almost ten years, and it has had a huge impact on the nation's online population. The ban has had a significant impact on Pakistan's economy and online culture, despite the fact that it was first put in place to stop the dissemination of blasphemous information. The prohibition may be lifted in the future, but for the time being Pakistani internet users will need to find other ways to get access to video material and engage with the global online community.


Sad to say, but Imran Khan's detention by the Pakistani army and police has brought Pakistan back to 2012.

pakistan banned youtube

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