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Urdu shayari

40 Urdu Shayari or Urdu Poetry

Certainly! Here are 20 Urdu sad shayari written in Urdu script using English alphabets:

1. Dil mein samandar hai, ankhon mein aansu,

   Dard ki gehraiyan, chhupi hain in tanhaiyon mein.

2. Umeedon ke phool murjha gaye,

   Yaadein baarish mein beh gayi, khilkhilayi nafraton ki.

3. Raat ki andheri gehrai mein rooh rone lagi,

   Teri binahone se dukh mujhe gherne lag gaya.

4. Mohabbat ka silsila kuch aisa chala,

   Dil tutne ka dard shayari mein dhal gaya.

5. Tanhaai ke saaye mein main roya,

   Teri yaadon ne dil ko chhoo liya.

Urdu shayari

6. Jaise khilte phoolon ki kismat hai murjha jana,

   Waise hi mera pyar bhi adhura reh gaya.

7. Zakhmon ka silsila hai yeh zindagi ki raahein,

   Dil ki har kahani dastan ban gayi.

8. Mohabbat ki raahon mein kho gaya,

   Zindagi ke sitam mujhpe chha gaya.

9. Aankhon se barsat ho gayi,

   Dil ki gehraiyon mein dard bikhar gaya.

10. Kaise bhoolun teri yaadon ko,

    Jab dil mein basi hai teri kamiyon ki khushbu.

Urdu shayari

11. Lamhon ki silsila hai yeh zindagi,

    Meri har khushi toot kar bikhar gayi.

12. Dard ki gehrai mein beh gaye hum,

    Zindagi ke gham mein dub gaye hum.

13. Tanhai mein teri yaad sata rahi hai,

    Dard ka yeh silsila jari raha hai.

14. Zakhm dil ka gehra hai,

    Teri yaadon se bhara hai.

15. Mohabbat ke saharay se chhuta hoon,

    Dard ke gham mein dube huye hain.

Urdu shayari

16. Aankhon mein ashq liye baitha hoon,

    Dil ka dard saath liye baitha hoon.

17. Dard bhari raat mein tanha baithe hain,

    Teri yaadon se roshan kiye hain.

18. Tere bin jeena mushkil ho gaya hai,

    Dard bhari zindagi mein sukoon kho gaya hai.

19. Dard ke saaye mein dhal gayi zindagi,

    Teri yaadon ne mujhe rula diya.

20. Mohabbat ki kahani likhi hai yeh aankhein,

    Dil ka dard shayari ban gaya hai.

Urdu shayari

Certainly! Here are 20 more Urdu shayari written in Urdu script using English alphabets:

21. Dil ka dard chhupaye baitha hoon,

    Aansuon ki nami lehraaye baitha hoon.

22. Zindagi ke sitam mein bikhra hua hoon,

    Dard bhari zindagi se behka hua hoon.

23. Mohabbat ke afsane kuch aise likhe,

    Dard bhari zindagi mein uthe faryaad likhe.

24. Aankhon mein chhupaye hain raaz-e-dil,

    Dard ki gehraiyon mein uthe aahon ki hil.

25. Tanhaai ka silsila hai yeh raat,

    Dil ki har dhadkan yeh tanhai saath.

Urdu shayari

26. Bechaini hai dil ki saathi raat,

    Teri yaadon se jage huye hain raat.

27. Dard bhari zindagi hai yeh,

    Tanhaaiyon se saja huye hain yeh lamhe.

28. Zakhmon se bharay hain yeh aansu,

    Dil ki har dastan yeh aansu sunaye.

29. Mohabbat ka safar tha yeh dil ki raahein,

    Dard bhari zindagi ki yeh adhoori kahaani.

30. Dard bhari aankhon mein uthe hain aansu,

    Tanhaai ki raat mein basaye huye hain khwab.

Urdu shayari

31. Dard se bhari zindagi hai yeh,

    Khamoshiyon ki gehrai mein uthe huye hain yeh armaan.

32. Mohabbat ke saagar mein dooba hoon,

    Dard ke tufano mein behka hua hoon.

33. Aankhon mein basi hai tanhaai ki raat,

    Dil ki gehraiyon mein uthe huye hain yaadon ki baarish.

34. Zindagi ke sitam se juda hua hoon,

    Dard bhari zindagi mein gumnaam reh gaya hoon.

35. Aansuon ki mehfil mein khada hoon,

    Dil ka dard shayari mein likha hua hoon.

36. Tanhaai ki raat mein sannate se baat kar raha hoon,

    Dard ke saaye mein chupke se ro raha hoon.

37. Dil ka dard chhupaye baitha hoon,

    Aansuon ki nami lehraaye baitha hoon.

38. Zindagi ke sitam mein bikhra hua hoon,

    Dard bhari zindagi se behka hua hoon.

39. Mohabbat ke afsane kuch aise likhe,

    Dard bhari zindagi mein uthe faryaad likhe.

40. Aankhon mein chhupaye hain raaz-e-dil,

    Dard ki gehraiyon mein uthe aahon ki hil.

I hope you find these urdu shayari meaningful and touching!

Urdu shayari

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